For about two weeks now I’m greeted by this notification whenever I boot up my Windows 10 gaming machine. Needless to say, my password has not changed. Clicking the notification takes me to somewhere in the settings, and there is a huge “Fix now” button. When I click it, a progress spinner appears for a few seconds, and afterwards everything is fine. Without any interaction from me whatsoever. So… why don’t you just fix it automatically then? Why does it keep reappearing? What am I actually fixing? When I ignored the message for a week, everything still worked perfectly fine.

Before and after I "fix" the "problem".

I wonder if it shows up in different spots around the button throughout the day.

Amazing usability, who doesn’t like memorizing numbers just to type them in in the next screen (the one hidden behind the popup).

Against what kind of attack does this even protect me? Illiterate phone thiefs?

I have this one iMessage conversation that (always) takes about 1.5 seconds to load when switching to it. Check the delay between the contact list marking it as the active conversation and the content actually changing.

There is nothing special about this conversation. No large media in it, or anything else that could explain it. This has been going on for almost a year now, and it keeps happening after restarting (both the app and the whole computer). In fact, this bug even survived me switching to a completely new computer, which I did not restore from backup. I just logged into iCloud and it downloaded my iMessages from the cloud – and as soon as the messages were back, the behavior was back as well.

Of course, the conversation opens as instantly as any other on my iPhone.

There’s one kind of permission prompt that always really throws me off and interrupts my workflow.

It’s the one that forces you to go into System Preferences, unlock the specific preference screen by confirming your account password, then enable a checkbox and on top of that restart the whole app you just allowed the access for. I really get annoyed every time I get this prompt because I know it’ll take me 5 clicks, one password prompt and one app restart to continue my work.

Most of the time it’s for something mundane like “Let this color picker read your screen” or “Allow this FTP app to read your local files”. In some sense that probably is reasonable for some users but there should be a pro-mode to disable all these if you know what you are doing (not downloading random apps from the internet). The whole workflow to allow this is also pretty confusing and for some non-technical users probably even a barrier.

I upgraded to Catalina pretty early on and didn’t have that many problems with it (most of them are documented on this blog), after the initial phase of clicking on “Allow” for a few hours it’s basically like the macOS you are used (for better or worse) to but that one is still very disruptive.

I think I’ve never really talked about .Mac via iMessage or any other means. What I did talk about a lot is the Mac. For some reason the top suggestion is .Mac though.

I think it’s a reasonable assumption that the item at the top of “Up Next” will be the next track when I skip to… the next track. But no. Of course not, silly me. Instead, that item vanishes into some magic in-between and can’t be seen anymore. But it’s still there, and now it’s at the real top of “Up Next” that will actually play next. Every time I skip to the next track, the one you’d expect to come up doesn’t, and instead it’s the one you’d have expected one skip before.

Of course there’s also some more double trouble in the list. It just works!

Nothing shows Apple’s recent lack of attention to details more than the fact that the looks like this on my fresh Catalina install with the latest version of macOS (10.15.1 Build 19B88).

It’s not some odd, third-party utility that somehow looks a bit funky on an obscure version of macOS. It’s the flagship rewrite of the new shipping with Catalina which makes this even more worrying.

This is the list of upcoming tracks in the of iOS 13. Neither of the two songs listed twice is actually in the list twice. Upon playing one entry, the other one disappears. Roughly guessed about 5% of all tracks shown in this “Up Next” list are such duplicates for me. But that’s not the only thing wrong with that list.

First, something that’s also visible in this particular screenshot. Or rather, it is not visible. Because normally there is a header above the list that tells you whether you’re currently in the “Up Next” section or in the “History” section:


I have no idea why that is not there in the first screenshot. Sometimes it’s just not there. I can’t reproduce it, but when it’s happening, it is quite annoying indeed, because as you can see, the controls for Shuffle and Repeat are hidden there. Apparently there was no more space for those in the actual “Now Playing” screen. (Dare I mention the lock screen widget is also missing those controls, where literally twice as much screen estate as the widget uses would be available.)

Next, you can also edit the order of upcoming tracks. For example you might want to drag a song that’s coming up later to the very top, so it starts playing right after the current song. But as I said, when you scroll up from the “Up next” list, it transitions to the “History” list. Even when you’re currently dragging an “Up next” item. Of course you can’t drop the item in there, because that would make no sense at all. You have to see it to believe it – try it out, and be amazed by how the “History” header drops into the list when you drag your finger far enough to the top of the list while it scrolls (this happens with “Up next” as well).

And the thing that’s driving me absolutely insane is how ridiculously long it takes to disable/enable Shuffle. My use case is as follows: Before hopping into the shower, I check if the next few songs are cool. If they are not, I disable and re-enable Shuffle to get a new variation of songs. Repeat until satisfied, then shower. I do this daily, and I’ve been doing it for many, many years. When I started doing it, it happened as fast as my fingers could double tap the Shuffle control. It was basically instantaneous, there was no visible or percebtible delay. Since at least iOS 11 it takes about a second to switch from one state to the other. One second! To reshuffle a fucking list. I find it hard to come up with adequate words to describe how bad you fucked up as a tech company when you need a full second to shuffle a list.

I’m using QuickTime multiple times per day to record something I want to share. I always use the included “New Screen Recording” feature for that.

And every time I open it I’m greeted by the Finder’s file picker asking me to select a file to open. This dialog is presented dead in the middle of my screen. Usually in the exact same spot where I’d like to record something.

The workflow is:

1) Open QuickTime
2) Click “Cancel” on file picker dialog or move it to the side
3) Select “New Screen Recording”

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