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Speaking of extremely helpful error messages, recently this error greeted me upon retrieving my phone from my running belt after finishing a run. I guess it’s a… non-modal modal?
It doesn’t allow you to do anything until dismissing it, but it also doesn’t stop anything – notably, it skips the broken track within a millisecond and just continues playback. It happens so quickly that even when actively observing you have no chance of catching the track that actually caused it. In my case it was the zeiDverschwAendung track, but I was only able to figure that out by skipping back in history and checking which upcoming track will actually not be played after all. The screenshots above are both from troubleshooting after the fact, that’s why the “now playing” track and the problematic track are only two apart. When I got this error “in the wild”, the problematic track was at least twenty tracks in the past.

I get that stopping playback in case of such an error isn’t the right choice – during my run I certainly would have been rather annoyed by that. But is it too much to ask to just put the name of the track into the message?

Syncing the iPhone didn’t fix the problematic track, by the way. I had to change from syncing all my music to “only select albums”, select all but the one album with this track, perform a sync to have delete its tracks from the phone, and then change back to syncing all music and sync again to get it to re-transfer this one broken track.

Manuel was annoyed on January 12, 2024 at 17:15