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This one is truly baffling to me. In the end it’s probably “just” a cache mixup, but I still find it impressive. What’s wrong? The track1 is showing incorrect cover art on my iPhone.

On the right you can see the correct cover art, a screenshot of my local iTunes Music library from which I sync music to the phone, because I hate services. I verified that the track in question does include that very cover art (and only that cover art) within the file itself, it’s not just this weird incomprehensible magic album-based cover mapping they introduced a decade ago.

When I saw the incorrect cover art on the phone, I immediately did a double-take. Because I knew that picture quite well – I had hand-picked it years ago for a very, very different purpose. It feels like 20 years ago, but during and after the 2016 US election, I found Seth Meyer’s “A Closer Look” segments to be worth watching. Sadly the YouTube website itself is pure cancer, so I built a custom video podcast for them using youtube-dl and dircaster. For that, I also wanted a pretty picture, so it would show up nicely in my And that’s where that photo is from. I stole it from the DDG image search results myself, cropped and edited it a bit, and put it on my web server for my podcast client to pick up. You can even see it in action in a previous annoyance!

I most certainly never used it for anything in my Music library. I only added this custom video podcast to the on my phone, and of course that synced the subscription follow back into iTunes Music. And from there it seems to have found a way into my music cover art cache on the phone. As I said, it’s kinda impressive. Sometimes I wonder if they even know that local syncing is still “supported”.

  1. It’s a good mashup, by the way! ↩︎

Nelson writes about trying to sign up at Amazon:

When trying to create an account, I was told an account already existed with the email I was trying to use (and they were right, I have a AWS account with that email). So I tried to sign in using that email. Then I was told they couldn’t find an account with that same email address. Odd. I tried signing into AWS with that email and sure enough I got in. It looks like emails associated with AWS cannot be used to create an account for AWS certifications, which is a bit ironic.

Thanks Nelson for the submission!

I’d love to know what this problem is. I don’t just say that in the “if you tell me there is a problem, tell me at least something about the problem” way, but I’m very curious about the technical details of it.

It can’t be that bad, because force-closing and reopening fixes it. Usually it seems to occur when you have a spotty connection and isn’t able to download the actual body of the email. If they can detect the problem – as demonstrated by the error message – and clearing some cache (or whatever other voodoo force-closing achieves) can resolve it, why can’t it be fixed in a non-shitty way?

So recently I’ve been forced to reboot my iPhone more often than usual. One thing I noticed is that Spotlight (is it called Spotlight over there?) is basically useless for a solid two or three minutes after each reboot. The above screenshot (left: shortly after reboot, right: normal) isn’t some crazy trick where I tried to capture a split second that doesn’t make sense, that’s after several retries of the same search term over the course of several minutes after a reboot.

Opening 1Password after an iPhone reboot is always the first thing I do, because 1Password requires one unlocking via Master Password after a reboot before you can use Face ID to unlock it. For some annoying reason, this Master Password unlocking can’t be done from within the Safari extension. So when you open a website after rebooting, and want to log in using the Safari extension – you can do that just fine. Instead of unlocking 1Password via Face ID, you use the Master Password in Safari. But that does not unlock Face ID for subsequent usages, you’d have to keep inputting your Master Password like some kind of neanderthal. Allowing Face ID unlocks in Safari can only be achieved by actually opening the app itself and unlocking that via Master Password. Afterwards, you can use Face ID from within Safari.

That’s why instantly opening 1Password via Spotlight after a reboot is something I have a lot of experience with. I’m not quite sure when it started being so unreliable after a reboot, but it seems to rebuild the search index every time. No progress indication, no information that searching currently is completely useless, nothing.

It says “Your subscription will automatically renew on %1%”. I guess owning a PS5 now makes you belong to the one percent?

Wouldn’t the kind of users that rely on a utility like that also read a deprecation notice outside of the OS itself? This way it has big “Do you know what time it is? – Yes.” energy.

Thanks Michoel for the screenshot!

I’ve been experiencing this bug since the rewrite in Big Sur. I have so far not been able to find out what exactly causes it: Often, but not always when I want to respond to a thread, the colors of the interface will freak out when it brings the thread to the forefront. The colors are always different, see also this video:

All colors are beautiful.

Only after it happened the tenth time did it occur to me to check if causing a “redraw” by dragging another window over it might fix the rendering. As you can see above, it certainly does… something.1

Why am I filming and photographing my screen? Well as it turns out, this does not show up in screenshots or screen recordings at all. They look perfectly fine, so it must be a bug fairly “late” in the graphics pipeline, I suppose? Pinky promise, video and photo have not been modified in any way except for the blurring of personal details.

Leaving threaded mode or closing the app fixes it, also there is no high CPU load or anything like that when it’s happening, and the app is still perfectly usable (well, as usable as it is without weird graphics glitches).

  1. I guess this finally answers the age-old question “But can your Mac do THIS?". ↩︎

I know I could search for “Maps” but one would think that even the most rudimentary search algorithm could figure out that “Apple Maps” could be related the installed on this Apple computer.

This even continued to behave that way after a reboot. Only way to solve it was to use Activity Monitor to kill the process for the widgets of the app.

Maybe the app is doing something wrong, but even if so – who handed them the gun to shoot themselves in the foot with? Luckily this is happening in the golden era of the App Store, otherwise I’d repeatedly get physical boxes by mail, I guess.