Things I want to do when I download software:

  • Download software

Things I don’t want to do when I download software:

  • “Share” my download with friends
  • Sign up for conference news
  • Learn about other useful business software
  • Sign up for services with my credit card
  • Have my software scanned by snake oil vendors
  • Learn more about unrelated companies
  • Download unrelated frontend components
  • Wait for an artificial — “time spent on page”-metric boosting — countdown to be done

I never saw this because I subscribed to Amazon Prime since it’s existence. This is a step on every checkout and you have to select “Continue and don’t get any benefits” link to continue to your shopping cart.

I guess staying alert and paying attention to not accidentally sign up for the Prime happy path is my life now.

I’m running on my Mac Mini. Being a Mac Mini it doesn’t have a battery so this message is not wrong…

In these trying times, the camera icon is a useful shortcut to instantly join the video call of a calendar event, instead of first opening the calendar event detail page. Very cool that the big fat “New Event” plus sign, which I use literally never, is obstructing half the icon of the next upcoming event. If only there was another place in that dialog where two different generic icons are already conveniently placed.

I spent the past few hours days setting up my new Mac. Performing the user hostile onboarding dance consisting of clicking various checkboxes in different areas of the screen, digging through System Preferences to assign permissions and tweaking Accessibility settings every time I’m installing a new app gets old very quickly though.

No, macOS. That website is certainly not using my Camera and Microphone. The meeting ended more than six hours ago. The tab does not exist any longer. As a matter of fact, I even closed the entire browser by now. If you wanna do reassuring privacy things, do them right.

So I figured now was as good a time as any to finally check out the notorious time-eating game Factorio myself. But I guess Corona already got to my brain and I can’t even type my own email address and domain name correctly anymore.

Last week I forgot to charge my running watch. No big deal, I only wanted to do a quick 5K and that usually doesn’t require more than three to four percent. However, I wanted to check the exact battery level during my run. That way I could have simply stopped and saved my data before the watch would turn off completely. Turns out, Garmin only shows exact battery level when you’re not doing an activity. I guess they’re trying to help me hit that high intensity heart rate target by only showing me a vague “lol your battery is like super empty bro” icon during an activity.

Okay, so I guess I won’t cancel and retry with another payment method then.

Sure, I’ll just go ahead and close the show I’m watching. Thanks! I’ve also got a few suggestions in return:

  • Don’t show this message in a tab where the user purposefully entered full-screen video playback.
  • Keep a white-list of websites for which this is expected behavior.
  • Remember for which URLs or domains I’ve ignored/closed the message.
  • Allow me to disable the message completely.
  • Fuck off.

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