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It has been bugging me for quite some time now that Twitter seems to include likes and retweets from profiles I’m not allowed to see in their counts. Sometimes it’s nice to check out who interacted with something to make connections.

I know, Twitter wants to be a glorified feed reader dumpster these days instead of making connections1, but come on. Use the same SELECT statement for counting as for listing.

  1. I still have not forgiven them for #fixreplies, and I never will. ↩︎

Oh, you wanna click that button? – I don’t think so, mate!

Mind-boggling how hard of a concept it seems to be that you should not just move the action target away exactly when the user wants to initiate it. This is Steam in 2022. Even if the action was the same in the end (it’s not, you’re loading the details page instead of playing/adding to library right away) this is still so irritating when it happens.

Ah yes, exactly what I wanted.

Reminds me of when people would post images with a src like file:///C:/Users/KarlHeinz/Screenshot123.jpg in a forum post and didn’t understand why no one else could see their screenshot.

(I know it looks a bit glitchy at some points, but I hope you’ll believe that the video is not edited – it’s just iOS animations being wonky.)

Get sexy new M1 MacBook for new job. Install standard tools for the job. Most popular video conferencing software not updated for M1 after more than a year? Wow.

Oh. Okay. That’s just great. (So far this really was the only thing that needed Rosetta. They actually do have a separate installer for M1, but it’s hidden on the download page which as far as I could tell is only reachable from the very bottom of the homepage and not used in the normal onboarding flow when logging in via a company provided account.)

Apologies for the Boomer1 “screenshots”, it was a really busy month.

  1. Told you I’m almost a Boomer! ↩︎

Okay fine, I guess no notifications for me then. Thanks.

The new reactions in Telegram look even worse for me than what the grumpy website showed earlier. I guess it’s my color scheme (which is defined by Telegram, not something custom I cooked up myself, so that’s no excuse at all). In personal conversations the reactions are even less distinct from the message itself than in group chats.

I’ve long said that the easiest way for Apple to improve iMessage would be to pretty much copy the entire UX from Telegram. It’s pretty ironic that now Telegram chose to copy one of the absolute worst features of iMessage instead.

While Telegram’s selection of available reactions is a bit better and larger, it simply should not be limited at all. Let me react with every emoji I could also send as a message. The reactions available in iMessage are all some cringe Boomer stuff that I (and I’m almost a Boomer myself by now!) would only use ironically. Seriously, is there anyone on this planet who would use the “Haha” reaction in a non-sarcastic way and who does not have grandkids already? With my closest of friends I only started using iMessage reactions after we had a conversation about the fact that we all acknowledge their cringe, but ignore it and use the reactions anyway as they sometimes can be quite practical. But even with this shared understanding I’m still hesitant to use them at all. That’s how harmful this limitation to six (!) different reactions is.

New empty contact picture available!

Unsure why Messages insists on replacing an existing image with an empty one.

These damn Electron apps draining our battery!

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