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For some reason, most of my (ca. 12.000) songs were deleted from my iPhone – not the related meta data, though: Everything was still showing up, but the songs without album art in those screenshots would just be skipped during playback.1 When connecting the phone, Finder would indeed have transferred almost my entire library over again. That took several days the last time I did it, when setting up the new phone.

Instead, I decided to finally give up – a more final version of Music bankruptcy. I changed the settings to not sync music anymore. It took over 20 minutes for that “sync” to finish removing everything. Afterwards I deleted from my phone. It’s hard to put into words how cathartic that felt.

I’ll be using Plexamp going forward.

Bonus: This fun bug when sharing via Messages is still around.

  1. This is (as best I can tell…) unrelated to my last post. That was on an earlier iOS version and a different phone – I just took forever to actually post about it. It also only affected one (as far as I could tell…) song, not basically my entire library. ↩︎

Manuel was annoyed on February 27, 2024 at 21:48