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Those are the notifications for our Twitter account inside the official Twitter app. I hate notifications I didn’t ask for with every fiber in my body. Once a week or so I get a notification like the one about tweets in topics, like the ones from Guillermo Rauch and H3KTIC1. Nothing wrong with either tweet or person (as far as I know). This is not about them. But Twitter, from the bottom of my heart, I need you to hear this: I don’t give a shit. If I did, I would follow them, or I would follow the topics2. But I don’t.

The account is shared, both Philipp and I use it, both in the official Twitter app on our iPhones and on the website. We always receive identical notifications, so it’s not something device-specific. We both went through every single screen and setting in both the website and the app multiple times. Absolutely everything even remotely related is turned off. The account is not following any topics. These notifications should not happen.

Never once in my almost thirteen years of using Twitter did I ever receive a notification like that on my personal account, which I use in the same app on the same device, with the same settings for notifications etc., and the same goes for Philipp.

Bonus annoyance: The seemingly only recourse, i.e. manually training their idiotic machine learning data every damn time it happens, has terrible UX: Tap the almost invisible “…” in the top right corner of the tweet and a drawer pops out at the bottom of the screen.

This is so disrespectful of my time and nerves as a user, and it makes me irrationally angry. Twitter, I don’t want to see it “less often”. I never want to see this crap, ever. I’ve told you “see less often” twenty times already, take the hint.

  1. I’ve been told not to use “fancy” special characters like that in your Twitter screen name for accessibility reasons. ↩︎

  2. To the day that I die I will never follow a Twitter topic out of principle. This is not what Twitter should be. ↩︎

Those are my Clubhouse suggestions. I don’t speak that language. No one in my contacts there speaks that language. I do have several contacts there, they all speak the same language(s). Probably still a few more years to the singularity.

Did you know Safari has this amazing life hack where you can open a Finder window by dragging a .webloc file onto it?

Thanks Fuchen for the video!

Thanks, very cool. I’ll quote myself: I inspected the tags with YATE and they are fine, there is no reason for this to happen. As you can see, Finder doesn’t have a problem with it. It wasn’t even about the actual cover image – I resized it and saved this modified image into the files, still no dice. I obviously also restarted iTun… erm, still no luck. I removed and re-added the files – nope. I combined these and other approaches in various ways, as you do when something like that happens. Only after I rebooted the entire computer, it finally worked and showed the album cover in Also when I then tried again with the original, unresized artwork, obviously.

When you have nothing selected in, you can still click on “Export Photos…”, but nothing happens. At least I think so – I can’t be quite sure because the entire app is a big fat “no proper feedback for anything” mess.

What I expected to happen would be an export of all photos. When nothing happened after clicking, I thought maybe it already prepares for the export before bringing up the dialog, i.e. downloading some data in the background. Even though my computer is set to “Download Originals”, I still often have to wait for… something… when doing things with my photos. But iStat Menues showed no indication of data being transferred, so that probably was not it. I quit and retried, because sometimes that does… something… these days. Still, nothing happened after clicking the menu item. I then selected all my photos myself using Cmd+A, which makes the menu item say “Export 23.072 Items…”, and upon clicking that it instantly opens up the export dialog.

So I can only assume that the menu item when having nothing selected really should be disabled, as it doesn’t do anything. I miss iPhoto, back when photography wasn’t something used to lock people into the ecosystem with proprietary features.

PS: It’s not related to which section you’re in, I only used “People” for a cleaner screenshot, but the behavior is the same in “Library”, “Memories”, “Places” etc.

You’ll never guess what happened when I tried to follow the advice of closing this message and copying my text. I’m so burnt by these kinds of things that I’m using a keylogger on myself so I always have a backup.

Has resizing the “Disk image size” ever worked for anyone using Docker Desktop? After watching the loading spinner for an hour I gave up, not for the first time.

I’m sorry for making the mistake, but could you give me a chance to fix it?

Thanks Fuchen for the submission!

This message is a lie.

In order to help a coworker restoring their Macbook, I was preparing a bootable USB medium according to the official (and frankly excellent) documentation from Apple. Step one is downloading the OS you want to install, in this case 10.15, so you get Install macOS This process alone is pretty wild on Big Sur, now that they moved back from using the App Store for OS updates: In the support document all old versions back to High Sierra are linked – to the Mac App Store. I was not able to find those pages via App Store search, however. Not sure if that’s intentional or just the bad search.

So I clicked the “GET” button on Catalina’s App Store page. Which redirects into System Preferences, and then proceeds to download the file there. It is still put into /Applications as expected, but seeing that redirect out of the App Store is wild. After a successful download, System Preferences jumps in your Dock to alert you about an error: This installer is too old to be run on my OS version. No shit, sherlock? Luckily it does not instantly delete the file upon confirming that error, so I could proceed with the instructions.

After successfully (and easily, to give credit where it is due) creating the bootable USB medium from the downloaded installer, I wanted to get rid of it, as it weighs over 8GB. I could move it to the Trash after confirming with my admin account – to be expected for things that the App Store put into /Applications. When emptying the Trash, though, this error message pictured above came up.

Well, it did just start the installer right away after downloading it, so maybe some files are still in use? Good thing I need to reboot for the 11.2.1 update anyway. But alas, even after rebooting, the file refused to be deleted, same error message. I confirmed that the file was very much not in use using lsof.1

I tried a few things, and went researching on the internet – apparently that problem is rather old, but never seems to have been fixed, just a few results:

The solutions that (should, I haven’t had time to actually test it myself) work are either disabling SIP or rebooting into Recovery Mode and mounting the disk there. I did nothing uncommon, nor is my setup in any way responsible for this. This hits normal people who simply follow official Apple instructions. 8GB wasted, which you won’t be able to reclaim without a significant investment of time, and nerves – if you’re not too comfortable with these kinds of things. For many people that is a lot of disk space, because Apple is still pricing their internal storage like it’s made of Fabergé egg shells. Once again I wish macOS wasn’t free, so I could at least request a refund for all the time I have to waste debugging it.

  1. I have to admit: I’m not 100% sure this is reliable on modern macOS, which feels like a sad judgement about the state of affairs on macOS in itself. ↩︎