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How do I sign out of only a single account? I don’t want to log back into three accounts just to get rid of one of them.

Thanks Fuchen for the hint!

When trying to resize the image for the previous post I stumbled upon this. The image was over 8 MB after saving with “Best” quality, so I guess it’s a display bug. I can reproduce it – whatever I try to export as JPEG in Preview, it will always only show one estimated file size.

Submitted as FB8974381.

It’s nice that I can now have an eye on the charging status of my watch without leaving the YouTube app.

I can hardly overstate how much I hate being sent commercial emails which I didn’t ask for. This is a particularly dumb example – I already bought the damn thing. A day before the spam email for it arrives. Which it only does because they manufactured my consent to receive their spam from me “opening an account” by ordering. I’m so glad this shit is illegal where I live. Maybe the EU should export some freedom to the US when it comes to these things.

Guess what happens if you click on the profile picture or “Justin”?

If you — like I did myself — guessed that it opens the Apple Music profile of the person (like it’s the case for all other instances where you see someone’s profile picture in the you’d be wrong.

What actually happens: It immediately sends a follow request to the person just like if you clicked the “Follow” button. This is especially infuriating if there are multiple people with the same name and default avatar and you don’t know who’s who.

Fuchen writes:

In order to use, you have to first learn the basics of graphic design. Because if you don’t, how would you be able to tell the positive space of an icon from the negative space of it, and click on the correct area in order to select the item?

Apparently the fruit company knows what item you want to select when you are clicking. It just wants to punish you for not being a good graphic design student (or maybe punish the developer for not embracing the Big Sur style icon).

Hilarious. I think you could argue for not accepting the clicks outside of the icon, but clicking into the donut hole should select the donut. I can’t quite remember if it was in earlier versions of macOS or in Windows Explorer, but I’ve had similar problems when trying to select Finder/Explorer items and clicking into the empty space inside the 0 of e.g. a Date Modified timestamp, instead of hitting the number’s actually visible pixels.