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Wouldn’t the kind of users that rely on a utility like that also read a deprecation notice outside of the OS itself? This way it has big “Do you know what time it is? – Yes.” energy.

Thanks Michoel for the screenshot!

I’ve been experiencing this bug since the rewrite in Big Sur. I have so far not been able to find out what exactly causes it: Often, but not always when I want to respond to a thread, the colors of the interface will freak out when it brings the thread to the forefront. The colors are always different, see also this video:

All colors are beautiful.

Only after it happened the tenth time did it occur to me to check if causing a “redraw” by dragging another window over it might fix the rendering. As you can see above, it certainly does… something.1

Why am I filming and photographing my screen? Well as it turns out, this does not show up in screenshots or screen recordings at all. They look perfectly fine, so it must be a bug fairly “late” in the graphics pipeline, I suppose? Pinky promise, video and photo have not been modified in any way except for the blurring of personal details.

Leaving threaded mode or closing the app fixes it, also there is no high CPU load or anything like that when it’s happening, and the app is still perfectly usable (well, as usable as it is without weird graphics glitches).

  1. I guess this finally answers the age-old question “But can your Mac do THIS?". ↩︎

I know I could search for “Maps” but one would think that even the most rudimentary search algorithm could figure out that “Apple Maps” could be related the installed on this Apple computer.

This even continued to behave that way after a reboot. Only way to solve it was to use Activity Monitor to kill the process for the widgets of the app.

Maybe the app is doing something wrong, but even if so – who handed them the gun to shoot themselves in the foot with? Luckily this is happening in the golden era of the App Store, otherwise I’d repeatedly get physical boxes by mail, I guess.

Clicking on the warning sign next to my iCloud account in Mail shows me this informative error message. Yes I want to try “Online Status” of undefined mail account again.

I’m not sure what all other messenger apps out there do differently than Apple’s but the syncronization between devices is always consistently the worst. Apple of all companies should be the one to nail cross device sync in their own ecosystem.

After waking up the computer, messages from hours ago stay unread until I click on each conversation to make the badge go away. Restarting doesn’t fix that. Clicking on a conversation sometimes replays the messages with a “new message arrived” notification sound for each message. If this is hundreds of messages this results in a few seconds of notification sounds being played in quick succession and sometimes overlapping.

I don’t know if this is one of these universal childhood experiences everyone around the world can relate to, but probably during my first year of school for a while it was the most hilarious thing to write “Please turn over” on both sides of a piece of paper and hand it to someone.

It looks like “artificial intelligence” has now arrived at that level of maturity. (It’s a search without results – curious enough after searching for an autocomplete suggestion from that search function – and repeating useless “Did you mean?” suggestions.)

Thanks Karoline for the video!

The worst part is not that a random web result is prioritized over a locally installed app I use every day but the fact that for a brief moment is the first result.

In the split second it takes you to press Return the search result it is being replaced by the web result and opens in Safari.

Who would ever just paste multiple images into an iMessage conversation at the same time. Manually copy pasting each of them works as expected.