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Counting is hard. (681 is correct, the code calculating the album count in the lower screenshot does not account for the fact that there’s albums with identical names. No idea how to explain the fact that total playtime is longer in the lower screenshot. If the bugs were related, it should be less.)

I guess remembering that I’ve already been using the app before this bugfix update is too hard.

Sidenote, why is the privacy text always “selected” and highlighted with that weird border? Looks completely broken and unintentional, but it’s always the case for me in these increasingly annoying dialogs.

What would you say should happen when tapping “more” on a specific podcast review?

  • Show that specific podcast review in its entire length.
  • Open the podcast review list with vertical instead of horizontal scrolling.

Thanks to all the services money Apple will soon be sucking out of podcasters we don’t have to choose but can actually experience both of these 100% equally useful and not at all idiotic options – depending on where in the app you tap on it. Can’t innovate anymore my ass!

Thanks Fuchen for the hint!

I’m happy to report that true equality between macOS and Windows is almost upon us now!

No idea what went wrong here, but this should absolutely not be that big. The entire disk is only 1TB large, and I’m not even backing up everything on there. But I guess this explains why Arq kept crashing on my Windows machine all the time. Time to start fresh, maybe it’s because something went wrong when I updated from Arq 5 to Arq 7.

I heard that got better in iOS 14.5. Can’t remember where I read it, but it’s a lie. Why is there a “Download” button next to the “…” button on all of my tracks now? Oh wait, it’s not a button… it’s… information… I guess? Well I’m sure glad to know that every single track on this phone is “downloaded” to it, because how else would I know about that… as someone who doesn’t use Apple Music and exclusively syncs from my local iTunes library. I guess there really isn’t a single person left at Apple that still does so. Then again, the experience for Apple Music subscribers doesn’t seem to be any less shit, so who knows.

And of course, I’m still not able to navigate to the artist overview from that screen. Tapping “Eminem” does nothing. The tracks have “Show Album” in their context menu (even when you’re viewing that album), but not “Show Artist”. I can’t find it anymore now, but when I last complained about this, I think someone said it works for them – maybe with Apple Music, or with iTunes Match, or… dark magic.

It always amazes me when I find clock UI in the wild that could also be satire. When you tap on the minutes field on top, the numbers around the circle change and it goes from 0 to 60 instead.

Okay, I’ll just watch some relaxing Minecraft Let’s Plays instead of Scrubs then. Surely nothing will interrupt me when I’m in fullscreen mode! And I’m even using Windows, because I already know that Safari can’t properly deal with the insane complexity of… playing a video.

No such luck, guess what randomly popped up after several minutes of playback? Of course: Do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior, “Sleeping Tabs”?