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If only there was enough space to display the entire text. If only this was a first-class native experience and not like a web view with early 2000s era CSS problems.

Exclusive AT leak: iOS already includes foldable iPhone code!!!111 (I think this might be some kind of accessibility feature? Happened almost every time I took the new iPhone in/out of its case, maybe some combination of button triggers it – not sure why it would be useful, though. And no idea how to disable again other than locking and unlocking.)

I usually try not to swear or be too harsh when writing here, because I work in tech myself and I know that mistakes happen, things sometimes unexpectedly go wrong, and behind this all there’s humans trying – usually – to do their best.

But I honestly don’t know what to say about this insanity without using foul language. Are you fucking kidding me? For fuck’s sake – no, not Messages would like to paste from Twitter, I would. And I did. I tapped the damn “Paste” button myself. What the hell is this ridiculous dialog supposed to achieve? I really hope this is a bug1 and not supposed to pop up. Either way, hard to find an excuse for something like this making it into the final release version of iOS 16.

  1. According to the comments here, it might not be happening to everyone – though most of the people there don’t really understand the issue apparently. ↩︎

Trying to pair a new Bluetooth device: Part II

I had to re-pair my Logitech mouse as I wasn’t able to connect it to my Mac any more. For an unknown reason it showed up multiple times (Maybe because the mouse supports multiple connections).

To get rid of the duplicates I switched off the mouse. Unfortunately they stuck around even even after it rescanned for nearby devices. I disabled Bluetooth on my Mac: They still showed up.

Rebooting the Mac fixed that issue.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I do not care about notes from an author with whom I never interacted in any way, shape or form on this platform before. As you can probably imagine from my post history, my default email notification settings for everything are “Nope”, and Goodreads certainly is no exception. This email is such a spectacularly bad idea that I really hope this was a bug rather than a marketing campaign.

I blurred the irrelevant parts to make it more obvious: Both screenshots show the same tweet. One in the context of a list, one is the tweet details view. It’s a quote tweet, and it answers the question asked in the quoted tweet with an image. But you’d never know that from the list view, because for some reason the image isn’t shown there. Instead it looks like this person just retweeted the question without bothering to respond – how odd.

Twitter has become so bad at things like that, whenever I’m doing anything slightly more complex than posting a text-only tweet, I now immediately check how it looks on different devices and contexts. Just to make sure their weird choices don’t make me look like a fool.

Okay, this is actually kinda hilarious. Apparently every instance of “message preview of chat with contact X” is replaced with “typing indicator” when contact X is typing, not just the one in your main messages list.

So when you search through your messages with one specific contact, and therefore have a list of “message preview of chat with contact X” instances on screen and they then start typing, this is what you get.