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Somehow my iPhone was unlocked and not unlocked at the same time when I tapped on a iMessage notification from Philipp recently. No idea how that happened, but it seems like it should not happen. Imagine if Bob was able to tell Alice about that juicy Finder screenshot in our conversation that is now visible even thought my face was not recognized.

The right screenshot shows all the other notifications I had when it happened. I’m 100% certain that this is all there was, so I couldn’t have accidentally tapped something else (e.g. a banking app or anything that might trigger another FaceID scan after unlocking the phone itself).

Old and busted: Being forced to enter your email into a form twice “to avoid typos” because copy&paste is evil magic.

New hotness: Having a separate input for the country code of a telephone number that already contains that information anyway and not properly syncing those two inputs.

Thanks Fuchen for the video!

Why in the name of all that is holy can I not interact with a timer from the lockscreen? I have to go back to my homescreen, go into and to the Timer section to stop it. It’s right there on Bert’s nose, let me tap on it.

Shouldn’t the flashlight and camera shortcut icons hide once I interact with a notification on their level? At least the camera one, so that I can read what the last button says?

I haven’t been a fan of Google’s (web) design language for about a decade now, and usually I describe it as all of their products looking like the CSS hasn’t loaded yet. Leave it to Apple, master of native apps and last bastion against the onslaught of shitty webapps, to show me what it really looks like when the CSS is missing.

Probably just trying to align the platforms better, though.

Thanks for the screenshot, Peter! He writes:

All 3 other tabs (Features, Top Charts & Purchased) look just fine. Only Updates appears to be missing the required CSS
It happened suddenly and no one was able to relate it to a specific event or date.

FWIW, updating still works fine.

Michael Tsai seems to have run into the issue as well.

Recently I had the displeasure of navigating deep into the settings of my Amazon account to be presented with this interface.

To make the settings appear you have to click on the barely visible grey text when the cursor changes into a “select and insert text” pointer. To collapse you have to click on the header as soon as the cursor switches to a “move and adjust” pointer. Obviously!

Google’s continuing efforts to make their products even harder to use without an account has reached the Messages app.

I was worried that I missed out on capturing a fun bug, because I only spotted this while already clicking on the notification, and opening the iMessage thread fixes it.

Luckily it could be reproduced simply by restarting the Messages app.

Instead of showing useful default metrics from your networking gear the new version of the UniFi dashboard now shows an ad that is taking up 75% of the available screen space instead.

I guess the security engineers have to be paid somehow.