Second post of a two-part series on the app that keeps on giving:

In case you ever wondered why the “repeat album” mode is showing two arrows in a clockwise way it’s because you can indefinitely click on “Next track” but if you hit “Previous track” past the first track it doesn’t play the last song in the album (As one would expect) but instead just stops the playback completely.

First post of a two-part series on the app that keeps on giving:

Today Manu was telling me about a bug where double clicking a track wouldn’t start it. Only clicking on the play button would start it. It fixed itself after restarting

A few hours later I opened to record another bug and sure enough I hit the exact some issue as him. Double-clicking a track doesn’t do anything. Side node: What’s up with the alignment of the speaker icon compared to the play icon?

People who use 2FA know that the chances of your token being a nanosecond from being expired every time you open your password manager are extremely high.

Decision tree

The decision to switch to a search engine and not an ad platform with some search results sprinkled in is becoming easier every day now.

In one of the screenshots “Shuffle” is activated, in the other it’s not. Can you tell which is which? I certainly can’t. #777777 and #8D8D8D. Bonus question: Is “Repeat” enabled? Are you sure? Is it the same state in both screenshots?

Not pictured is how inconsistently “Shuffle” switches between states. Going from disabled to enabled simply changes to the “dark” shade instantly. Going from enabled to disabled has an additional “animation” step that is much darker than the “dark” shade. Why not just use that level of darkness to better differentiate between the two states?!

I just installed the macOS 10.15.3 update (for no reason, the only changes were seemingly related to hardware I don’t own) and now I’m wondering if I’ll get this “Relocated Items” message every time there’s a small update? I already got rid of this folder at the last update.

On the plus side: at least my folder contains more than a PDF.

Remember the cool window shrinking feature in macOS? Today my fully loaded laptop turned off during a meeting, the entire battery drained in about 90 minutes. Because when I disconnected it from my external display on my desk to go to the meeting, the window shrinking feature kicked in and turned one backgrounded window into the pictured state. I’m not sure if the flickering is the fault of iA Writer or the OS, but it is quite impressive that it manages to burn through a almost brand new battery so quickly. And so efficiently that the fans didn’t even alert me to something being wrong. It just works!

I gave up finding a way to disable this user hostile behavior of Safari when opening a link pointing to an RSS feed. If you don’t have an app installed it redirects you to the Mac App Store, if you have one installed your only choice is to open it in that one or “Cancel”.

If you just want to see the XML file or direct URL so you can add it to your feed reader that’s not running on your computer you’ll have to use curl or something else.

“But why are you not taking advantage of this useful feature?”

My RSS feeds are fetched and synchronized via a self-hosted Miniflux instance and so in my workflow it doesn’t make sense to subscribe to feeds in an RSS reader app running on my computer.

Update 16.02.2020: There’s a paid extension for Safari that extracts the feed URL from the page and adds it to your clipboard.

I really wish I could understand the thought process of designing UI like that. I swear, I’m not making this up. (To be fair, the UX is still a gazillion times better than having to call my dentist to make an appointment.)

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