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That is a pretty picture! It’s by Mika Baumeister, whom you should totally check out – ton’s of amazing photographs. Now here’s a little quiz, which of the following two statements describes the image better?

  • “silver imac on brown wooden table”
  • “Ten iPads charging up. They are used for eLearning.”

What a silly question, obviously one of them is some ML-generated SEO garbage, and the other one is the actual description, provided by the very human being who uploaded the picture. You will never guess which one Unsplash decided to use as the alt text of the image!

To be fair, their auto-generated descriptions are often pretty good. And users probably sometimes don’t give a description. But why prefer the unreliable ML content to the human content when it is available?

Thanks Fuchen for the hint.

Manuel was annoyed on February 4, 2021 at 20:05