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A few months ago I got a new credit card. I immediately changed it in Apple Pay, which I use almost every day. When I noticed the old card was still set as a payment method for my Apple ID I was happy to see an “Add Apple Pay” button and thought how smart that is – Apple Pay has my CC anyway, of course it can be a payment method here. Neat! Just one tap and it’s done, and then I just can remove the old CC. No need to waste time entering the new CC details again. Or so I thought.

I get that the store credit / balance doesn’t count – it could be gone by the time the subscription is due (although a CC might decline the payment as well, I guess). But Apple Pay is just a technical layer above a CC in my case, so I don’t understand the reasoning here. Also, this is a prime example of “check before, not afterwards”. Why allow me to initiate the deletion and then hit me with an error instead of explaining why removing the CC is not possible?

Manuel was annoyed on October 6, 2021 at 19:11