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Pretty amazing, my 256 GB (or rather 247,09 GB I guess) iPhone has 44,74 + 106,44 + 13,16 + 103,25 = 267,59 GB used, but not to worry because even though it’s completely full according to the chart there is still 96,22 GB available, making for a total of 363,81 GB. Impressive! A bit confusing, because neither 247,09 nor 363,81 appear to be 256, but impressive.

Obviously photoshopped to show all detail popovers at the same time, but otherwise sadly not faked. Why don’t you just drop local sync support entirely, you cowards. At least then I’d have a reason to look for alternatives which then also had a better chance of actually coming into existence.

For reference, here is what the iPhone itself reports. It’s really amazing how not a single number matches up with anything from the numbers on the Mac. Let me know if you find anything – I tried a lot of combinations, but even accounting for 1024/1000 I can’t find any exact matches.

iPhone storage settings

Manuel was annoyed on September 28, 2021 at 18:52