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Gee thanks, Apple Maps. Exactly what I needed while trying to check my ETA at the dentist here in my hometown in lower Bavaria. I might out myself as the fun-hating, at-cloud-yelling grandpa I am deep down inside, but why the heck are there any “Editor’s Picks” in my maps app at all?

But as a more concrete nitpick: When you have properly detailed calendar entries with location/address filled in in, Apple Maps (or rather: ON-DEVICE INTELLIGENCE Siri) normally does a pretty good job of suggesting that as the target location when you open it within a reasonable time frame before that meeting. In that suggestion, which you could tap to start proper navigation towards that target, they already show the ETA based on your current location.

Before taking the screenshot at the top I used this several times to check my ETA. I was running a little late and wanted to see if I had to keep up my brisk pace to make it on time. Worked perfectly fine, but from ten minutes before the appointment it was no longer a suggestion – hence me scrolling down in confusion and stumbling upon the Editor’s Picks.

Not suggesting appointments that are very close makes no sense to me, isn’t those final ten minutes when most people would open the app to check where exactly they need to go after arriving in the general area?

Manuel was annoyed on September 16, 2021 at 18:58