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I was bitching to Philipp about how this is still a thing due to my IntelliJ IDE being updated. When I opened the “Notifications” screen to allow yet another “java” entry to notify me of things, I was confused by the “Allow Notifications” toggle looking inactive. Admittedly that confusion is partly my fault, because I’ve set my “Accent Color” to “Graphite”.

Something still felt off, though. It took me a few seconds, but then I realized what threw me off: “Banners” is highlighted in a gigantic blob of bright blue. So subconsciously I was getting mixed signals from that screen about how color is used to differentiate things.

Check out the “General” screen with “Blue” versus “Graphite”:

General settings with “Blue” accent color

General settings with “Graphite” accent color

If one of the radio selections in the second screenshot was blue instead of grey, I’d probably also assume that the other ones were inactive. Why is “Banners” in the “Notifications” screen not highlighted with the correct accent color?

Manuel was annoyed on May 4, 2021 at 21:02