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Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone actually using Apple Music at the fruit company for more than a few minutes while doing a demo. While I really like the curated playlists there are some serious usability problems with them:

  • You can’t put them in folders like regular, locally created playlists
  • You can’t see which one is a local one you can put in folders and which one is an Apple Music Playlist that can’t be moved without just trying it.
  • You can’t select multiple playlists to remove or move them (Like it would work in any native Mac app)
  • To rename the playlist you can’t right-click / rename as you would expect it to work. You have to open the playlist and then figure out that you can click the name in there. But just in the right way, otherwise it starts playback of the playlist. Or in the case of an empty playlist a random song from your library…for reasons. This is so discoverable that people had to call the Apple Support to learn that.

If you’ve used Apple Music for more than a couple of days you’ll end up with an endless list of alphabetically sorted playlists in the side bar with no way of organizing them or deleting them without right-clicking every single one of them.

I guess that’s what they mean by “Lose yourself in 60 million songs.” on the Apple Music marketing landing page.

Philipp was annoyed on May 4, 2020 at 18:31