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Sorting by date. Some mails look identical, but they are not, sorry for the rather confusing screenshot. Also the topmost email did not actually arrive after the two emails below it, it’s not an email delivery issue. I got the three DPD emails at 17:30. They sat in there until eleven pm, then the two new mails from Twitter came, and this is how they are sorted. Force quitting the app twice (!) solved it.

I don’t understand how the default inbox list view in the default email application on iOS can still be so damn buggy one major release after the big rewrite. I don’t know the details – as far as I understand it, they mostly built a completely new list view that is more performant and much better to use as a developer? That’s great, but if it simply does not work, that’s not really worth it then, is it?

Manuel was annoyed on December 30, 2020 at 19:55