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We love hearing from you – share your pain and show us the annoying technology in your life! You can reach us via Twitter (see footer) or at

Let us know if it is okay for us to publish your submission (it’s totally cool if you’d just like to show us something, without wanting it posted). In that case, also let us know if and how you’d like to be credited for it (what name to use, link to your Twitter/blog/website).

Please be aware that we won’t publish everything. It might not be obvious on a cursory glance, but this project is a pretty personal thing. We have a sense for what kinds of annoyances fit in and which don’t, even though we can’t put that into words or “rules”. We know it when we see it. If we feel something doesn’t fit in, it does not necessarily mean we don’t agree it’s annoying. In any case, we always appreciate anything you send in!